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Aboriginal Relations

Aeromedical Aboriginal Policy

Aeromedical is committed to being a good neighbor and to building and maintaining proactive relationships with the Aboriginal Peoples who we serve. Building positive relationships with Aboriginal communities has been an integral part of our operations for more than 20 years. Aeromedical provides premier Ground Ambulance and Air Medevac Services to four (4) First Nations residing in over 20 communities within the northwest region of Alberta.

Our policy is to ensure the unique cultures, perspectives and values of each First Nation is considered and respected in all our operations based on recognition, respect, involvement, sharing and responsibility. The following principles guide this policy:

In friendship and with respect,

  • Aeromedical recognizes that Aboriginal people were the first inhabitants and care takers of this land and that they have distinctive rights and responsibilities from this status. In Canada, the term "Aboriginal" is used to refer to the original people who lived in the area before other groups arrived from other parts of the world. "Aboriginal" includes First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples;
  • Aeromedical appreciates the diversity of Aboriginal cultures and status and we promote the understanding of, and sensitivity to, Aboriginal peoples and the issues important to them;
  • Aeromedical fosters positive Aboriginal relationships through a cooperative and collaborative approach with mutual respect and trust;
  • Aeromedical works together with Aboriginal communities to identify impacts of our services on the community's values and needs in order to find mutually acceptable solutions and benefits;
  • Aeromedical supports learning opportunities for Aboriginal people to provide a well trained source of Aboriginal employees and to build capacity within Aboriginal communities;
  • Aeromedical strives to create short and long term employment opportunities for Aboriginal people impacted by our services;
  • Aeromedical endeavors to create economic opportunities that are aligned with the Aboriginal community's needs and aspirations.

All Aeromedical employees have a responsibility to help build and maintain positive relationships with the Aboriginal communities we serve and as such are mandated to participate in our Aboriginal Relations Initiative Program.

Aboriginal Relations Initiative

Aeromedical recognizes that when we make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal Canadians we are rewarded with their respect, friendship and collaboration. To really make a difference it is essential for Aeromedical to develop a solid understanding of Aboriginal issues and Aboriginal cultural diversity.

Understanding Aboriginal issues and diversity will enable Aeromedical to demonstrate respect to the people we serve. This philosophy will allow us to develop a trusting relationship based on living up to commitments and treating our local First Nations, and all Aboriginal people, in a manner that they expect and deserve. Taking some time and making an effort to learn about Aboriginal people is a demonstration of our caring and respect.

Aeromedical believes that Aboriginal awareness will strengthen our connection to the past and celebrate our opportunities for the future. We understand that the Aboriginal people of Canada are a diverse people with many different cultures, histories, languages, politics and economies. Aeromedical ascertains it is essential to learn about each First Nation Community we serve. Aboriginal involvement in our business will contribute to our long-term success.

To inform our employees and conduct business in a manner that reflects our Aboriginal Relations Policy, Aeromedical will provide ongoing leadership and resources to ensure effective implementation of our Aboriginal Relations Initiative based on these four (4) values:

The Four I's

Inform, Involve, Integrate, Improve

Maintaining our relationships with local First nations, and all Aboriginal people, is accomplished through our Aboriginal Relations Initiative which includes these five (5) components:

  • Aboriginal Awareness and Culture Sensitivity Training
  • Aboriginal Employment and Capacity Building
  • Aboriginal Communications
  • Aboriginal Community Relations
  • Aboriginal Business Development

Aboriginal Awareness & Cultural Sensitivity Training

Aeromedical believes that it is through awareness and understanding of the history and culture of Aboriginal people that historical and traditional gaps can be bridged. Aboriginal people have unique cultures, status and needs. Aeromedical believes that by informing our staff with Aboriginal Awareness they will be in a better position to understand Aboriginal issues from an Aboriginal perspective and promote better relationships. Aeromedical endeavors to be a part of the solutions.

We are accomplishing this by ensuring that ALL Aeromedical employees receive the following training:

Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshop

This program is designed to create greater understanding and enhance communications between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It serves as a tool for gaining awareness and understanding of people who, through historical events, location, law, legislation and policies have remained separated, segregated and marginalized from mainstream society. The building of trust and respectful relationships occur through awareness, comfort, confidence and much improved communications.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Training Workshop

This program is designed to enhance the understanding of aboriginal culture and heritage. The seminar is customized specifically to the cultural diversities of the four (4) pre-dominant First Nations that we serve in Northwestern Alberta: Little Red River Cree, Dene Tha, Tall Cree and Beaver First Nations. The program will provide employees with the tools to effectively interact and communicate with Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Employment & Capacity Building

The intent of this component is to foster ongoing learning relationships between our Company and local First Nations communities. Aeromedical's long term focus is to be part of the process that empowers the Aboriginal communities to have the skills and abilities to work safely and successfully within our industry.

We are accomplishing this by:

  • Sending current job openings to all First Nation Band Offices in Northwestern Alberta, as well as the Aboriginal Employment Centre and Metis Employment Centre.
  • Supporting and participating in Pre Employment Readiness Programs to assist in removing any barriers that may be in place.
  • Aboriginal Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Program
  • Aeromedical Aboriginal First Responders Program
  • Aeromedical Aboriginal EMR Program
  • Aeromedical Mentorship Program

Aboriginal Employment & Capacity Building

Aeromedical strives to maintain mutual understanding through open, timely, two-way communication.

We are accomplishing this by:

  • An internal Aeromedical Aboriginal Liaison;
  • Attending Band Membership Meetings;
  • Regular visits to the local Aboriginal communities (health centres, elders, schools, churches);
  • Regular program/project meetings with First Nation representatives;
  • Annual meetings with Chiefs and Councils, and other authorized representatives;
  • Aeromedical's Newsletters and participation in First Nation Newsletters;
  • Posted and/or hand delivered health and wellness notices, only with pre approval of Chief and Council.

Aboriginal Community Relations

Aeromedical is committed to involvement in the communities where we live and work. We endeavor to make positive impacts in the communities and for the people we serve.

We are accomplishing this by:

  • An internal Aeromedical Aboriginal Liaison;
  • Aeromedical's support and participation in programs focused on improving the health and wellness of First Nations;
  • Aeromedical's support and participation in Aboriginal School Programs and Community Cultural Activities and Events.

Aboriginal Business Development

Aboriginal communities are important to Aeromedical and we are committed to forging mutually beneficial business relationship with First Nations.

We are accomplishing this by Joint Ventures and Limited Partnerships.