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Past Highlighted Employees

Tyler Manning

Aeromedical would like to take this opportunity to thank Tyler Manning for all his hard work and dedication.

Tyler started with Aeromedical as an EMT in 2011. His kind nature and professional attitude have made him a valuable asset to our team. Patients and colleagues respect him for his calming demeanor both on and off the field.

In addition to his EMS career, Tyler has recently started expanding his skill set by completing his Fire Training earlier this year. Aeromedical appreciates and commends you for continuing to expand your knowledge and skills. Thank you again for your continued dedication and teamwork over the last 4 years.

"Tyler has a genuine, kind nature that is a comfort to patients. Tyler demonstrates consistent professionalism, a characteristic that should be celebrated and recognized."


Meloney Cross

Meloney Cross

Mel started working for Aeromedical in August of 2012. She quickly adopted the responsibility of drug inventory and ordering. Her hard working and detail oriented mind set have accompanied her in becoming the perfect candidate for the position. Mel adds a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. Her character and personality bring a lively dynamic to the Aeromedical environment.

Thank you Mel!!


Cori Schellenberg

Cori Schellenberg


Cori has been a valued member of the Aeromedical family since she first started with AIS in 2008; she also worked as a 911 dispatcher and quickly moved up to the EMT level.

The staff at Aeromedical would like to thank Cori for her significant contribution to Aeromedical's success. Cori's attention to detail, diligence and dedication are but a few attributes mentioned by her supervisors and colleagues. She continually demonstrates quality leadership to the team and enthusiasm for the job every day.

Cori's easy going nature, light sense of humor and uncanny ability to deal with any task make her a very enjoyable partner to have and every week goes swimmingly.

T-Rex for the win!


Hannah Meers

Hannah Meers

Aeromedical would like to take this opportunity to recognize Hannah for her hard work and dedication.

Hannah’s positive attitude and genuine spirit have been noticed and appreciated by those around her this month. Her smile and kind words are sure to brighten your mood on any given day. Aeromedical is proud to have Hannah as a part of our team and representing this company.

"It has been crazy hectic around here lately and despite it all Hannah remains happy, polite and courteous to everyone around her."