Young woman recieving medical attention

EMS/Life Flight Services - E911/Disptach Services

E911/Dispatch Services

The Aeromedical Dispatch Centre has provided 911 services to Northwestern Alberta since the early 1990's. The dispatch centre provides police, fire and ambulance 911 services for all of the communities within the service area. The area extends from Keg River north to the Northwest Territory border and from the British Columbia border east to the Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

The Aeromedical Dispatch Centre is the central dispatching hub, and provides the first link in the chain of survival. The dispatchers are trained to work efficiently, professioanlly, and with confidence, even while managing multiple callers. The dispatch team all have the ability to provide life saving information over the phone to callers, with our Emergency Medical Dispatcher Protocol guide, while friends and family are waiting for help to arrive.

In addition to the 911 services, the dispatch centre also helps to set up and track air ambulance missions, ground ambulance response, fire calls, and industrial services.

The Aeromedical Dispatch Centre, at times can be very busy and must have a dedicated and professional staff. The dispatchers pride themselves on the job that they do, and look to each day as a new challenge.

If you would like more information about the E911 dispatch services feel free to contact us.