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Aeromedical Industrial Services

Aeromedical Industrial Services

Aeromedical recognized early on that servicing the oil and gas sector involved a whole different way of thinking and also recognized that a stand alone service needed to be created to serve this industry's needs. Hence, Aeromedical Industrial Services (AIS) was created, and had since been dedicated to the needs of stand by EMS services as well as for staffing within the Health Canada Nursing Stations. AIS had been a very successful entity within Aeromedical, and grew to exceed the industry's needs.

Health Canada Nursing Stations

Aeromedical had serviced the local First Nations reserves for over 20 years in transporting patients from facility to facility. However, the need existed to help staff the nursing stations themselves with quality advanced medical staff, so AIS stepped up the plate to fill that need.


Mobile Treatment Centre Services

Aeromedical Industrial Services had a large fleet of Mobile Treatment Centres as well as Mobile Treatment Ambulances to its disposal. AIS' units frequented the remote regions where oil and gas exploration exists, and were bound by no regional borders.

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First Aid Treatment Centres

Aeromedical Industrial Services also had a fleet of First Aid Treatment Centres for short or long term, large project use. These units provided a base of operations for EMS staff to work from, and were a central hub of operations for multiple projects.

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