Young woman recieving medical attention

Aeromedical Industrial Services - First Aid Treatment Centres

First Aid Treatment Centres

Aeromedical Industrial Services was able to provide comprehensively equipped First Aid Treatment Centres for workplace environments. These centres could be transported practically wherever there was regular road access, and could be stationed for the duration of the job required.

These First Aid Treatment Centres were often placed in a central location where Medical Treatment Centre Units (MTC) could respond and operate from. These centres were advantageous when projects required multiple attendants, or for long term construction projects. For large scale construction projects, the centre could become a command post for multiple casualty situations in the event of a catastrophic event. The trailers could be staffed with one or two attendants, along with a MTC unit to complete the full spectrum of emergency response for a project.

These First Aid Treatment Centres came with basic kitchen facilities, office space, shower unit, and space to assess and treat two patients simultaneously. The centre could be configured for Basic Life Support (BLS), or for Advanced Life Support (ALS) teams to work from. These centres met and exceeded the equipment requirements outlined within provincial regulations, and ccould be further custom tailored for a projects needs.

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