Young woman recieving medical attention

Aeromedical Industrial Services - Mobile Treatment Centres

Mobile Treatment Centres/Mobile Treatment Ambulances

Aeromedical Industrial Services was able to provide either basic (BLS), or advanced (ALS) equipped Medical Treatment Centres (MTC) for remote workplace environments. Aeromedical's Industrial MTC's were 4x4 capable, and were able to endure the rigors of backcountry access and work on a year round basis.

The standard MTC configuration consisted of a quad cab diesel 4x4 1 ton truck, along with a roll bar reinforced, fiberglass patient treatment cab. The patient cab consisted of running water, oxygen tanks, stretcher area, as well as heating and lighting. These treatment centres allowed for attendants to assess and treat patients with the ease of being able to stand upright and have ample room to gain access to life saving equipment.

Aeromedical Industrial Services also had a number of fully equipped Mobile Treatment Ambulances (MTA) available for work projects. These MTA's were licensed ambulances which allowed for legal emergency transport with the use of lights and sirens. These units were also equipped in accordance with Alberta Health's standards and could be further configured for as a basic or advanced life support unit.

AIS had a large fleet of MTC's, MTA's and First Aid Treatment Centres suited for any job, big or small. MTC's could be staffed with advanced life support paramedics, or with basic life support EMT-A's or EMR's.

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