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Aeromedical International Services

International Services

Aeromedical has had a long standing international history, and continues to look into ever expanding opportunities on the world market. Aeromedical brings a unique, diverse, and comprehensive backgound in education, air, ground, and industrial services to areas around the world. Aeromedical raises the bar in prehospital care, and this is clearly evident in the relationships they create, and maintain. Aeromedical takes great pride in their international work, as does the staff who support these specialized projects.

Patient Repatriations

With many Canadians travelling abroad, more and more people are requiring air ambulance services to help bring their injured or ill family members back to a facility in Canada. These patient repatriations are best performed by paramedics and EMT-A's who have logged hundreds of thousands of air transport miles treating critically ill patients. Understanding the specialized patient care needs at 25,000' above sea level equires teams who can forsee and anticipate potential problems, and act accordingly.

Feel free to learn more about Aeromedical's Patient Repatriation Services and feel free to contact us 24/7 at 1-866-611-9911 for any of your emergent needs in transporting patients abroad.

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Special Services

Aeromedical has a high degree of flexibility in performing their professional tasks. Aeromedical prides themselves on having experienced staff members capable of performing any task asked of them. Aeromedical finds solutions, adapts, and exceeds expectations for industries abroad in both the medical and industrial sectors. Feel free to learn more about Aeromedical's Special Services and contact us to discuss options that may suit your international needs.

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