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Aeromedical International Services - Patient Repatriations

Patient Repatriations

Aeromedcial has had a strong history of international relations, and continues to welcome new prospects with providing quality care to those in need. Travel is a mainstay for many Canadians, and like anywhere else, accidents do occur. Having to plan and organize a medevac to bring these patients back to familiar care in Canada presents a great challenge for family members having to deal with this logistic. Aeromedical can ease this burden by providing logistical, organizational, and medical care in the event of a mishap.


Obtaining a qualified flight crew, and chartering an aircraft to fly long distances can be a daunting task. Aeromedical has the connections in the air ambulance industry to help make a specialized trip seem effortless. Lear jets, and twin turbo prop aircrafts can be utilized for cross border travel. In the event a layover during the flight is necessary, logisitics will be made to accommodate to the patient's needs so as not to disrupt the care required during longer distances. Ground support ambulances and facilities will all be notified of the patient's arrival.

Life Flight Medical Team

Specialized teams consisting of paramedics, nurses, and even doctors can be arranged based on the circumstances surrounding the air transfer. All of these team members have passports, and are versed in dealing with adversity at 25,000' above sea level.


Aeromedical's medevac team members take pride in providing the best care for patients, and does so with the use of specialized transport equipment. Transport ventilators, intravenous pump sets, and cardiac monitoring / pacing capabilities are some of the many items medical teams use on a routine basis.

Repatriation Services Contact Information

If you require the services that Aeromedical can provide, we would be more than happy to execute a mission for you. These special cases do, however, take some time to organize to help make the trip smooth for the patient and the team involved in transporting. Dispatchers, and Mission Coordinators will do everything possible to make the mission effortless. Please contact:

Aeromedical Patient Repatriation Services: Gord Burnell (
24 Hour Dispatch Services: 1-866-611-9911