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Aeromedical International Services - Special Services

Special Services

Aeromedical has had a major impact with several international development projects as well as relief efforts. Aeromedical believes that we as a service have much to contribute to the global market, and to nations in need when it comes to emergent services, and developing international EMS infrastructure.


Gord Burnell the founder and CEO of Aeromedical was invited to attend a national medical congress hosted in Romania. Gord gave a presentation on air ambulance provision to the Romanian government, and developed an action plan to build the nations infrastructure for medevac transportation. After touring the Romanian EMS services, Gord returned to Romania to help implement a much needed air ambulance base.

Soon after, two EMS representatives from Romania were invited to High Level, where they were welcomed to observe the inner workings of Aeromedical's ambulance system. This strong international relationship prompted Aeromedical to provide medical and educational supplies to the Romanian EMS system. The development of this international relationship continues to be strong despite the distances between systems.



Aeromedical has created professional ties with both the Chinese and Malaysian governments in providing consultation services for their current air and ground ambulance systems. Ideas, concepts, and action plans have since been implemented in these government driven systems.


Sri Lanka

In 2006, Aeromedical answered the call to assist in the Sri Lanka tsunami relief effort. Paramedics from various locations in Alberta were sent to provide care and the necessities for life to the local communities affected by this natural disaster. Aeromedical has a strong sense of community, and believes that they have the expertise and ability to answer the call of distress.

Being able to assist in these efforts was very rewarding for all who participated. This experience made those who helped realize how strong the human spirit can be in times of adversity.



June of 2008, Aeromedical was invited to be one of eight companies slated for a government trade mission to Venezuela and Brazil. Founder and CEO Gord Burnell consulted with government officials regarding emergency response for offshore oil platforms in the Carribean, and in the Atlantic. The Venezuela government was also particularly interested in Aeromedical's work with remote nursing stations, and they believe that a similar system would hold great potential for Venezuela's remote jungle areas.


Trinidad & Tobago

Aeromedical had also been invited to meet with Trinidad's Minister of Health to provide EMS consulting for civilian, and industrial sectors. Aeromedical plans to pursue future ventures with this island nation, especially in the field of safety consulting, offshore emergency response, and air ambulance infrastructure.

Aeromedical Industrial Services president Vicki Burnell is originally from this small island nation, and has great interests in providing a quality level of service to the industries which also call Trinadad and Tobbago home.